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Smarter and a more integrated way to prevent hypertension

Smarter and more integrated way to stop hypertension

At 73 years old, Mrs. X has a medical history of asthma and hypertension. One afternoon, just like any other ones, she had a stroke and was rushed to a local hospital. Upon arrival, she was already suffering a profound loss of her limb power. A CT scan revealed a significant blood clot in her brain and her condition was deteriorating rapidly. Fortunately thanks to the quick thinking of her doctor, she was able to escape from the brink of death. But not every hypertension patient is so lucky.


Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is actually more prevalent than you can imagine. It can lead to various complications from stroke to heart diseases. People with diabetes are more likely to have hypertension too. In 2015 alone, more than half of adults with hypertension were reportedly living in East, South-East and South Asia – that amounts to almost 590 million or 1 in 10 people. Breakdown shows 226 million were from China and another 199 million from India.

Prevention is better than cure

The risk is real. Whether you are fit, slim, mildly overweight or obese, we are all equally vulnerable, making prevention the best weapon in the battle against this medical condition. Contrary to popular belief, more can be done besides maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy diet. Technology like the latest healthcare devices can make a huge impact as well. A great example is a digital blood pressure monitor (BPM) like the Omron 7280T.

Smart-connected medical devices

Unlike common BPMs, the Omron 7280T is fully automatic and more digitally advanced, featuring a wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It enables users to effortlessly track, monitor and share their blood pressure (BP) readings through the Omron Connect mobile app. Equipped with this data, healthcare providers can now swiftly and accurately diagnose and treat their patients, including life-threatening situations.

Also available in select markets like Japan is the Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T. Omron’s best BPM to date, this model comes with a unique tubeless design to eliminate the hassle of wires. Another highlight is its 360-degree Intelli Wrap Cuff technology, which greatly enhances accuracy. App support is catered via Omron Connect just like the 7280T.

Omron Connect is the next evolution in smart healthcare. It gives users an instant overview of their health anytime, anywhere. Making it a breeze to track and achieve health goals, as well as upload and share historical records with your doctor and family. Compatible with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity, it can wirelessly synchronize Omron healthcare devices, from BPMs to body composition monitors, with smartphones.

But not all BPMs are created equal

Today, self-monitoring BP at home is a daily affair, and no longer an option for most hypertensive patients – the measurements should ideally be taken in the early morning, and before bedtime at night. The only problem is automatic BPMs are generally less accurate compared to the traditional stethoscope and mercury sphygmomanometer.

This is exactly why it is crucial to use clinically validated BPMs. Technologies like Omron Intellisense can further improve accuracy too. Leveraging bio sensors, Intellisense is able to automatically inflate the BPM’s cuff to offset fluctuating blood pressure, achieving optimum result and comfort. Having accurate data allows doctors to depend less on clinical readings, overcome white coat hypertension, and have a clearer picture of their patient’s health.

Other than BPMs, Omron’s body fat monitors are also uniquely designed to track body composition, which provides another avenue to fight hypertension.

Omron’s ongoing effort to combat hypertension

One of the major goals of Omron Healthcare is to promote the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension. As part of our ongoing effort, we have product advisors in hospitals all around the region to educate their patients on the importance of BP management. With the recent opening of our new experience center in Singapore, we can now directly engage our customers too.

To fulfill our mission, improve lives and contribute to a healthier society, Omron has been reaching out to the public by sharing useful health tips and healthcare advisories via our Facebook page and microsite. Together, we can systematically counter this growing threat and realize a society, where people can enjoy a meaningful, healthy and comfortable life.

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