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Recounting the amazing development of the Internet of Things

Recounting the amazing development of the Internet of Things

What do smart homes, connected cars, and smart cities all have in common? They are not merely buzzwords, but innovations in a rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Leveraging the latest sensors and pervasive network connectivity, IoT is truly becoming one of the most disruptive technologies in history – an unstoppable trend poised to transform the way we learn, live, and work.

Omron “Sensing & Control + Think” initiative can transform the future

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some key examples from Omron and their transformative impact. Creating new possibilities in manufacturing, healthcare, mobility, and society, through our latest “Sensing & Control + Think” initiative introduced this year.

Towards super productivity and flexibility

Most manufacturers are facing three unprecedented challenges – rapidly ageing global population and a shortage of skilled workers, as well as increasingly demanding consumers, who want it all, want it made precisely to their specifications, and want it now! Factories today must possess the flexibility to rejig production lines quickly, and ramp up production immediately anywhere in the world. At Omron, we envision the dawn of a new era. A “flexible line“, which promises super productivity and super flexibility.

Combining sensors with artificial intelligence (AI), the latest automatic conveyance robots can offer all the above, and more. Imagine autonomous coordination between robots, automation machines, and safety equipment. Using accumulated production data, each robot can also use this knowledge to program itself, making machine learning a reality.

Omron is pushing the boundaries with its “4M Sensing” concept, where man, machine, material, and method meet AI, all in a bid to predict and prevent the occurrence of defects and malfunction, achieving zero line event and advanced human-machine collaboration. One simple, effective application is minimising downtime by monitoring both workers and machines for fatigue, and preventing faults.

A bright future without the fear of diseases

Wearable technology will completely redefine healthcare of tomorrow. The focus will shift from the difficult work of treating and curing diseases, to preventing diseases before they occur, thanks to new wearable devices connecting people to their healthcare provider in real-time. Vital data can be monitored to detect irregularities, and more crucially, early signs of life-threatening conditions, allowing for early treatment and prevention of the issue.

Beat-by-beat blood pressure monitoring through a wrist device

Building on our expertise and experience in preventive medicine from home blood pressure meters, Omron has pioneered a new beat-by-beat blood pressure measurement system. Utilizing special tonometry sensors placed over the wrist, it can accurately monitor rapid blood pressure fluctuation – all 100,000 beats per day. Our goal is to bring the world closer to zero cerebral- and cardio-vascular diseases, using data to address the issue before it happens.

Eliminating traffic accidents and congestion

About 1.25 million people die each year due to road traffic accidents. Many of these tragedies can actually be avoided. With more and more reported cases of drivers found unfit to drive, there is an overwhelming demand for intelligent assisted safe driving technology. This has prompted Omron to develop an innovative “driver concentration sensing” technology – a world’s first, which combines a proprietary image sensing technology with a state-of-the-art deep-learning AI.

The system is capable of analysing drivers’ various motions, and health condition to enhance driving safety. Armed with the relevant data, car makers can automatically switch the vehicle to automated driving mode and safely bring it to a stop. Such a capability is invaluable for collision-free autonomous driving, and new value-added services like medical concierge and personalised automobile insurance plans.

Connect and harness data to create new value

There is this age-old adage that knowledge is king. This is exactly what inspired Omron to create the “Sensing Data Trading Market” with the potential to solve pressing social issues. Just picture a world without traffic jams. This is possible if we can influence people’s daily schedule, by reconciling data from sensors capturing the usage status of hospitals, city halls, supermarkets, and railway stations.

While IoT is accelerating the use of data, this is currently limited to individual platforms. But with our open platform, ideas poised to transform lives will naturally flow once we share insightful data collected around the world. Another unique proposition of this data marketplace is “Senseek”. A proprietary technology created by Omron to match users and providers, in addition to maintaining safe trading and secure data distribution.

Sensing & Control + Think to spearhead new innovations

Make no mistake. Everything imaginable, from our household appliances to factories, will be smart and connected in the near future. It’s possible IoT devices in the billions are going to reshape the world we know today. Omron is constantly innovating to realise newer technologies for the betterment of people. Sensing & Control + Think, incorporating human knowledge, opens the door to an inspiring tomorrow, where we apply this core technology to widen human potential and address challenges.

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