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Thai Society and Omron
A factory that makes a “highly personalized choice” possible

What kind of new products will the store have today?

The food you see on TV looks so delicious that you wish you could sample it right away. Or, you see many products on display at a shop, and you want to choose the one that is exactly right for you.

The excitement and satisfaction of choosing something you like from among many options is a feeling that we can all appreciate.

In Thailand today, along with rapid economic growth, personal spending has been increasing at an amazing rate. With this rise in spending, consumers in Thailand began to voice their desire for more variety, more flavors. They wanted to make their own choices of what is safe or healthy to consume, particularly for products they put in their mouths or on their skin. To meet these consumer requirements, manufacturers are working hard to produce products of dependable quality as quickly as possible.

Production sites that change rapidly to adapt to personal requirements

Producing a new product requires modifying the current production line or a changeover of equipment presently in use. Conventionally, confirming that the new line or equipment operates correctly required actually producing or operating it a number of times. But this process was costly and time-consuming, making it difficult or impossible for factories to quickly meet the need of consumers looking forward to the arrival of the new product.

Traditionally, the development and modification of programs for industrial equipment was very difficult, requiring a high level of specialized knowledge. Omron made design tools for industrial equipment easier for any engineers to use. Omron also made PC-based simulation of each machine’s motion possible, eliminating the need for keeping an actual machine at hand.

Omron also made the operating state (data) of each piece of equipment in use at a factory visible at a glance by linking equipment pieces from varied vendors to a network. This enables instant remedies for a problematic production process, or prediction of equipment abnormalities that will cause defects in products.

A careful listener to the voices of all.

In recent years, the tasks of factories in Thailand have been expanding to include more than simple fulfillment of the country’s domestic demand. They are expected more and more to serve as the key development and export bases for ASEAN countries. This in turn requires that manufacturing sites in Thailand evolve to respond to constantly changing consumer needs that vary from country to country.

Omron has set up Automation Centers in Japan, Spain, the U.S.A., China (Shanghai), India, Indonesia, and also Thailand (July, 2015). The Automation Centers showcase an accumulated base of the world’s highest-level automation technologies. At these facilities, Omron staff, together with production engineers of customers, test and verify new ideas for making products and operating machines that are best suited to the item being manufactured. In this way, Omron Automation Centers are working together with customers to resolve the ever-changing issues of manufacturing sites.

We will remain sensitive to changes in society, and will strive to serve as dependable partners for manufacturers, which support freedom in the lifestyles of ASEAN people.

Your favorite item or new product you find today at a store in Thailand may be the one shipped from a factory that relies on Omron’s automation technology.

To allow everyone to live the way they want …
Machines can do much more to unleash human potential.

An example of Omron Automation Center’s
state-of-the-art control technologies

Vibration Suppression Control

To enhance productivity by transporting and handling goods without inducing unwanted shaking, Omron’s vibration suppression control technology* is one of the advanced solutions created at the Omron Automation Center.

Let’s take the example of a smartphone, a very familiar item. Production of smartphones requires mounting tiny parts with micron-order precision. If a component is out of position on the manufacturing line, the completed smartphone will be defective.

For the manufacture of a medicine that protects people’s health, it is essential to measure the quantities of ingredients accurately. If a liquid is shaken when measuring the quantities, it will be impossible to compound a medicine correctly and deliver safe medicine.

A distribution center with the task of quickly delivering a variety of goods to consumers must transport fragile items safely. If some of the cargo is shaken or overturns, the item inside may be cracked when it reaches the customer.

Omron’s vibration suppression technology helps ensure safe and dependable delivery of products to customers.

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