Social Systems

One of our strengths is in comprehensive technologies and products capable of optimally controlling traffic as well as the flow of cars and people. For example, our traffic and road management systems incorporate traffic sensing technology as well as sensors that detect cars and pedestrians, making mobility safer and more comfortable. Moreover, these systems are expected to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions by sensing car behavior and providing optimal and flexible road traffic control according to the conditions detected. Under the banner of "social automation," we seek both development of social infrastructure and preservation of the global environment.


“Road Traffic Management Solutions” – Opening up a better future for road traffic and social infrastructure

Road traffic/social infrastructure is an essential supporting element for our society. To address important safety issues in this area, we provide new systems developed through Omron’s advanced sensing technology. Among these is a next-generation driving safety support system based on the linkage of road and car information.


“Public Transportation Solutions” – Shaping the future of railway service

As an active partner of railway service providers, we offer new value through comprehensive safety solutions based on OMRON’s advanced sensing and control technologies, while also supporting the transformation toward forward-looking smart railway station operations.


“Environmental Solutions” – Creating a resource-circulation society for the future

OMRON provides optimized solutions for maximizing energy usage efficiency, in order to help solve various issues our customers face.


“EFTS Solutions” – Building a safe, secure, and more convenient cashless society

We provide total solutions designed to meet diverse payment needs, including the latest electronic fund transfer system (EFTS) terminals and application packages, as well as our cloud service. These solutions can help make the payment infrastructure safer and more convenient.


“Monitoring Solutions” – Ensuring safety and security for future society

OMRON sensing and control technologies can monitor the conditions of various equipment pieces and structures, as well as the movements of people. This provides our society with greater safety and security.

Product & Services

  • Wrong-way Vehicle Detection System
  • Automated Ticket Gates
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • “DriveKarte” Onboard Driver Monitoring Service