OMRON's goal of Mobility is to achieve a safe, stress-free and comfortable urban transportation (cars, trains, etc.). OMRON's businesses in this domain are Automotive Electronic Components Business (AEC) and the Social Systems, Solutions, and Service Business (SSB). We pursue safety, convenience, and free traffic flow for automobiles and road traffic/social infrastructure systems through our automobile components, traffic and road management systems, and railway station management systems. OMRON will strive to provide the world with products and systems for a mobility society in which people around the world can live in a safe, secure, comfortable, and clean environment.

A brighter future for the Earth

From the perspective of OMRON …

What OMRON can do for a future mobility society

Sensing & Control + Think

Incorporating human knowledge into machines to evolve
Sensors and controllers
that can think for themselves

Challenges OMRON has begun to address

Safe, secure and comfortable mobility

Offering advanced road traffic systems, including advanced driver-assistance systems, automotive sensors for automated driving systems, optimized signal control, etc.

Environment-friendly mobility

Offering products enabling fuel efficiency for gasoline-powered cars, and automotive electronic components for electric and hybrid vehicles

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

Helping build a society in which people worldwide can live more safely, securely, and comfortably under cleaner conditions.

FY2020 Goals

  • Creation of driving safety support systems/technologies
  • Creation of 360-degree around-the-vehicle recognition technology for advanced driver assistance/automated driving
  • Number of autos equipped with eco-friendly products: 10 million (About 10% of total automobile production)

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Automotive Electronic Components

With focused efforts on the rapidly advancing field of automotive electronics, OMRON is committed to developing technologies and products that create “the best matching of automobiles to people.” By so doing, OMRON helps make driving more convenient and comfortable while ensuring safety and security.

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Social Solutions

With the goal of creating safer and more comfortable living environments, OMRON offers diverse systems, solutions and services that support social infrastructure. Areas of focus include train station solutions such as automated ticket gates and ticket vending machines, as well as road traffic solutions such as traffic control systems.

Australia | Bangladesh | India | Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

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