Mechanical Components

By leveraging our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, OMRON creates advanced devices and modules that present new value, in order to help solve pressing social issues. Presently, we offer innovative electronic and mechanical components to keep up with the equipment trend of growing deployment of DC power, increased capacity, and incorporation of smart functions. These components are employed for a wide range of areas including factory automation, mobility, energy management, healthcare, and C&C sectors. Through our global sales network, we swiftly deliver products featuring advanced functionality and consistently high quality essential for a range of equipment.

Product & Services

  • Relays

    OMRON’s comprehensive relay lineup accommodates various capacity ratings and applications, including signal relays, PCB power relays, and solid-state relays.

  • Switches

    A wide variety of switches range from detection switches for minute force to some of the world’s smallest models.

  • Connectors

    PCB and other connectors are available in a variety of sizes, pole counts, and shapes.

  • Sensors

    Drawing on OMRON proprietary light, MEMS, and image processing technologies, our sensors meet various customer requirements.

  • Components/Units for Amusement Equipment

    OMRON’s wide-ranging products are employed by the amusement equipment industry for diverse applications.