OMRON seeks to actualize personalized medical care based on individually optimized medical plans, by analyzing various types of health data and behavioral information obtained through its sensing technology. As such, we develop and offer innovative products and services centering on three core business domains: Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Disease, and Pain Management. By so doing, we will help enable healthy lives for people around the world.

“Cardiovascular Disease Business” – Supporting diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness through analysis of health data

OMRON’s goal is to reduce cerebrovascular/cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure, such as stroke and heart attack, to near-zero (Zero Events). OMRON can do this by providing highly personalized diagnosis and treatment services based on health data such as blood pressure readings, combined with lifestyle and genetic information, etc.

“Respiratory Disease Business” – Contributing to early-stage detection and treatment of asthma with new technologies

In addition to supporting treatment of asthma through the use of nebulizers, OMRON’s new technologies also enable the detection of signs of asthma and treatment of asthma attacks in the early stages. This will help reduce the incidence of severe asthma.

“Pain Management Business” – Relieving chronic pain with Omron-unique products

With its advanced drug-free pain relief devices, OMRON aims to help all people lead healthy and active lives by easing chronic pain in the legs, lower back, knees, etc. that can restrict daily activities.

Product & Services

  • Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Nebulizers

  • Electrotherapy TENS Devices

  • Digital Thermometers

  • Body Composition Monitors with Scale

  • Other (Activity Monitors, AEDs, etc.)