Our Factories

Our manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam manufactures for a wide range of specialised markets. From relays and sensors to healthcare technologies.




PT. OMRON Manufacturing of Indonesia
Manufacturing of relays, switches, sockets and sensors

As of 2015, OMRON Manufacturing Indonesia (OMI), produces about 191 million components annually, of which 90% is exported while the remaining 10% is sold domestically. In April 2017, two new facilities covering more than 20,000 square meters went operational and are expected to increase OMI’s total production volume to 325 million components and modules by 2020. OMI’s new facilities are equipped with manual, semi-automated and fully-automated production lines that will allow the company to better serve the varied needs of its customers. With greater flexibility designed into the manufacturing process, OMI will now be able to meet customers’ volume requirements from small batches to large-scale components production.

  • Awarded ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications
  • Employed the physically handicapped since 1995
  • Contributes to the community through:
    • Distribution of free medicine to villages
    • Free house renovations for residents near the factory
    • Regular blood donations from employees to the Indonesian Red Cross



OMRON Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Manufacturing of electronic components

Our Malaysian facility manufactures electronic components for advance home appliances. Our product range includes relays and their parts, as well as dies. The plant produces up to 12 million relay units per month, and is constantly moving towards full automation.

  • Certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001, TS 16949, and ISO 14001
  • Employed the physically handicapped since 2004
  • Contributes to the community through initiatives like annual blood donations, charity sales, and shelter home visits.
  • Won notable achievement in environment performance in 2014




OMRON Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam Co Ltd
Manufacturing of healthcare devices

Equipped with the latest OMRON technology, like the low-cost Intelligent Automation (LCIA) system, our two factories in Vietnam produce up to 12 million units of blood pressure monitors and nebulizers annually. Exported worldwide, all our products follow strict quality standards.

  • Committed to efficiency, quality, and competitive pricing.
  • Constant learning through Industrial Engineering (IE) improvement activities.
  • Certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for Medical Device Directive (MDD) standards, Enhesa, BRC Global Standards.
  • Awarded the top environmental company prize by Binh Duong City in 2014.