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Intelligent & Safe Technology to Keep Premises Virus Free

The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for over 6 months now and the virus spread is still not showing any signs of slowing down. The constant shift of hotspots from China to Europe to America and now India has resulted in minimal business activity and millions of job losses. While the lockdowns have helped in […]

The Future of Manufacturing: Innovation Lab

Given the manpower crunch, rising property costs and technological advancements, the time is ripe for manufacturers in Singapore to adopt Industry 4.0 and better compete in the digital economy.

Robots as building blocks to SME success

With the modern consumer always wanting bigger, better, quicker products and services, robotics technology may just be the game changer that some SMEs need.

The Future of Manufacturing: The Intelligent CEO Control Centre

Why Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for manufacturers to reinvent their operations.

Reshaping the future of workplace safety

Workplace safety to remain a hot button topic for the foreseeable future despite the rise of artificial intelligence and machine-learning.

How to Minimise Engineering Time for Industrial Automation Systems

To meet the evolving market needs, a whole new generation of PLC have emerged in recent years, combining great flexibility with amazing performance and reliability.

Robot Revolution: Towards An Era of Human and Robot Coexistence

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of daily life, with people being assisted by robots, at home, at work, in school and even at play.

Transformative IoT predictions for businesses in 2017

We all know IoT is a game changer, but its high startup costs can be a huge financial burden for most small and medium enterprises.

Integrated Manufacturing for Smarter Factories

Explore the Integrated pillar to achieve seamless technology integration through advanced control.

Could Smart Factories revolutionise manufacturing?

Walking through the four stages of industrial revolution

Pure Possibility with Innovative Automation Ideas

30/03/2016 The future is now! Just a decade ago, most machines and devices were both clunky and manually operated. Take computers for instance. Many early models were desktop-bound and exorbitantly expensive. Fast forward today, we are literally swamped with laptops, tablets and smartphones of all shapes and sizes. A new generation of wearable devices, such […]

This technology could safeguard Thailand’s food and economy security

02/03/2016 Songkran: A festival of Rice and Water Songkran is one of Thailand’s most memorable festivals. The water festival is a big hit with both tourists and locals, as the country becomes a big water-gun fight for three days. But Thailand cherishes Songkran not just because it marks the start of a new year in […]

Back home safely after work – thanks, automated partner!

In many industries that are highly automated, machines are seen donning the ever-present ‘Danger’ or ‘Caution’ sign. To be surrounded by these in your workplace, the experience feels similar to wandering in a minefield.

Indonesia’s next top biscuit – made by you?

Sweetening Indonesian biscuits with 3D printing Can automation bring a smile to Indonesia’s biscuits? Why Indonesians will love the taste of 3D printing Indonesia’s next top biscuit – made by you? Indonesia’s sweet tooth for biscuits Biscuits are extremely popular in Indonesia, with Indonesians purchasing more than $1 billion worth of biscuits each year. However, […]

Harmony between people and technology

Soon after the development of the ping-pong robot began, Omron engineers were able to make the robot move the paddle based on the calculations of the sensor and controller. But no matter how many times it tried, the robot kept missing the ball. It couldn’t even return the ball to the opponent. If a human […]

Aerial Imaging – a guidepost on our path to the future

Take the example of a guideboard sign. Adopting Omron’s aerial imaging technology for this sign will enable an arrow, which previously was just presented on a plane, to be displayed three-dimensionally in an open space. This means that hard-to-understand instructions like “Walk up the stairs in the back” can be understood by anyone at a […]