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Robots as building blocks to SME success

With the modern consumer always wanting bigger, better, quicker products and services, robotics technology may just be the game changer that some SMEs need.

The Future of Manufacturing: The Intelligent CEO Control Centre

Why Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for manufacturers to reinvent their operations.

Robots at the forefront of Smarter Factories for 2018

Having more robots and mechanical arms to help us isn’t the only thing that is exciting about our future.

The future of manufacturing: The Connected Assembly Line

Providing greater productivity and agility to meet the changing demands of our increasingly digital world.

How to Minimise Engineering Time for Industrial Automation Systems

To meet the evolving market needs, a whole new generation of PLC have emerged in recent years, combining great flexibility with amazing performance and reliability.

Robot Revolution: Towards An Era of Human and Robot Coexistence

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of daily life, with people being assisted by robots, at home, at work, in school and even at play.

Transformative IoT predictions for businesses in 2017

We all know IoT is a game changer, but its high startup costs can be a huge financial burden for most small and medium enterprises.

Recounting the amazing development of the Internet of Things

What do smart homes, connected cars, and smart cities all have in common?

Integrated Manufacturing for Smarter Factories

Explore the Integrated pillar to achieve seamless technology integration through advanced control.

Staying competitive with Intelligent Manufacturing

An example of a new manufacturing concept is 3-i.Conceived by Omron,3-i is a blueprint for realising smart factories of tomorrow

Could Smart Factories revolutionise manufacturing?

Walking through the four stages of industrial revolution

Four Smart Ways to Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases

How to deal with the “silent killer”,

Can automation help South-East Asia live longer and happier?

The silent killers of heart disease and diabetes can inflict huge damage on not just individual lives, but also the communities which they live in.

Transforming Indonesia Society With Omron Total Solutions

Can autonomous vehicles solve the problem of traffic jams?

Fulfilling the desire of everyone to stay healthy longer

Living a long, healthy life is a universal desire among people everywhere. So why not start managing?

Smooth traffic flow for a more comfortable future

Only a traffic control system suitable for each country or city can change the flow of people and goods – that is what we believe