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OMRON’s Health Management Declaration and related activities

Employee Health Management Declaration

OMRON unveiled the declaration and program in light of a long-held commitment to solving social issues by putting the OMRON Principles into practice. The company considers it is essential to maintain the vitality and enhance the potential of diverse talents to drive ongoing innovation that addresses the challenges of a fast-changing world.

OMRON regards employees' health as one of the key factors to achieve the missions, and thus "Employee Health Management Declaration" has been formulated.

OMRON Employee Health Management Declaration 

OMRON aims to be a pioneer in creating social needs, and the health of our employees is accordingly fundamental to our business. We OMRON Group will unite to do our utmost to create positive working environments full of smiles and vitality so all of our people can innovate to solve various social issues.

President and CEO

Employee Health Management

Promoting the mental and physical health of employees

Based on OMRON Group CSR Practice Policies and OMRON Group Rules for Ethical Conduct relating to employee health management, OMRON has been committed to building a platform, developing human resources, and enhancing the corporate culture, with the goal of creating a work environment that ensures safety and security for people at work. Because maintenance of health for its employees is at the heart of the OMRON Group’s HR strategy, company-wide efforts have been focused on promoting employee health management since fiscal 2017.

In July 2017, OMRON announced its Employee Health Management Declaration. Concurrently, an OMRON-unique initiative was launched to encourage each employee to improve the level of his or her concentration at work. The initiative sets targets for health metrics based on five indicators: Exercise, Sleep, Mental Health, Diet, and Smoking. Employees at all OMRON Group companies in Japan will be encouraged to aim for these targets in their daily lives. Additionally, OMRON rolled out a program called "Hakaru Koto Karada (body metrics)" to help employees achieve their targets by offering information, visualizing progress in their efforts, and encouraging improvement. OMRON will promote actions related to these five indicators throughout the year. By so doing, OMRON aims to create a "workplace of smiles," while nurturing people who are physically and mentally strong.

Employee health promotion system

To accelerate health management for its employees, OMRON Corporation and its Group companies in Japan have established in-house standards for the availability of occupational health specialists, such as physicians, nurses, and counselors. These standards are more exacting than legal requirements*1in order to provide extensive health management tailored to each employee’s needs.

OMRON is working to build a health management system*2 that integrates health-related information of all employees of Group companies in Japan in a unified format so that an industrial physician/nurse, health supervisor, and the manager in charge can access the health information of a person when required for the fulfillment of their respective tasks.

  • *1.OMRON’s in-house standards that are more exacting than legal requirements include the deployment of at least one health supervisor at each OMRON Group site in Japan that is staffed with 300 or more employees.
  • *2.The health management system is designed to accumulate and manage employees’ health-related information, such as the results of regular health examinations, interviews, and stress checks conducted by occupational health specialists, as well as their working hours and leave taken, and measures implemented at work.

Promotion of employee health

In fiscal 2017, OMRON will continue the tradition of the "Om-Walk" event, held to promote employee health at Group companies in Japan. At the same time, OMRON will strive to create a workplace culture that encourages employees to incorporate exercise as part of their daily lifestyles.

OMRON also works in collaboration with the corporate health insurance society’s health-promotion initiatives by including cancer screening tests*3 in employees’ regular medical examinations.

  • *3.The cancer screening tests conducted at OMRON Group companies in Japan check stomach cancer risk, prostate cancer, and colon cancer targeting specific age groups, as part of the corporate health insurance society’s health promotion initiatives. These tests are conducted concurrently with regular medical examinations.

Commitment to promoting mental health

OMRON Group companies in Japan will continue to implement mental health promotion measures, including workplace checkups and staff interviews based on the results of stress checks, as well as activities aimed at improving the work environment with support from occupational health specialists. These efforts are part of OMRON’s drive to create a healthy work environment, in both physical and mental aspects.

Mental health checkups have been conducted at all main Group companies, and in fiscal 2017, 94.4% of all Group employees received an examination.

As for mental health-related education and training, OMRON’s current educational system conforms to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's guidelines for maintaining and promoting workers' mental health. The guidelines were set forth under the provisions of the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Based on this system, OMRON has been conducting rank-specific mental health seminars for its employees. In fiscal 2017, OMRON will launch an e-learning-based self-care program for mental health.

In fiscal 2017, efforts will be concentrated on expanding the scope of seminars to cover the OMRON Group as a whole and improving the content of the program.

Preventing mass infection at work and protecting employees from health hazards

At OMRON Corporation and its Group companies in Japan, mass infection at work is prevented by requiring employees to report the onset of an infectious disease. Preventive measures are also taken, such as raising employee awareness of infectious diseases as part of their daily health management.

As for highly pathogenic influenza or other infectious diseases that seriously affect OMRON employees and families, the OMRON Group as a whole will take necessary counteractions in accordance with its Global Guidelines for Measures against Emerging Infectious Diseases.