Pure Possibility

Think. Dream. Inspire.

Omron's automation has been developed for a more human-like society

What kind of future should we aspire to for machines?

Omron is using its proprietary sensing & control technology to pursue the challenge of creating the automation of the future,

which will play its role while coexisting and collaborating with humans.

Tasks we can leave to machines...

Tasks we can accomplish together with machines...

We believe the progress will lead to new potential for humankind

Can automation create happiness?

Through automation, OMRON aims to create more than just convenience. We want to make more people smile and more dreams come true, all with the power of technology. Take this ping-pong robot, a symbol of our sensing and control expertise. It returns any ball to the spot that’s easiest for you to hit, allowing anyone to experience longer rallies.

We believe that advances in automation will make the impossible a reality and take us to new heights of happiness and fulfilment.

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Can automation create friendship?

Today, car manufacturers are working to create “no-collision” vehicles.

At the heart of this challenge are OMRON’s advanced proximity sensors, which contribute to driving safety by immediately detecting danger.

Advances in automation are supporting safe travel, taking us to our destinations so we can marvel at the beauty we find there with those we love.

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